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«Romantic Longing 2.0» | Romantische Sehnsuchtr 2.0»


Felix MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No. 3 in A minor, op.56 "Scottish" ca. 40 min.
Johannes BRAHMS: Double Concerto in A minor, op.102 approx. 35 min.

Orchestra (complete sound):
ALSO | ALUMNI- & SINFONIE-ORCHESTER of the University of Bern

Conductor / Overall - Direction: Martin STUDER

Advance booking | Tickets | Further information: www.nzo.ch

Project description:

Dear Audience
Dear Friends of the Swiss Philharmonic Academy,

After two years of great and also painful restrictions, the Swiss Philharmonic Academy, together with its tried and tested project partners NZO and ALSO, is finally carrying out another symphony project this coming spring, with performances in Switzerland as well as a tour to Germany over the Ascension days. In addition to the planned concerts in Bremen, Hanover and Munich, there will also be a total of four performances in Switzerland, two of them in the canton of Berne (in Biel on 13.5. and in Berne on 26.5.23) and two more in the canton of Zurich (on 14.5. in Uster as part of an existing concert series there, and on 24.5. in Zurich).

The soloists for the concerts in Germany (in Bremen, Hanover and Munich) are the German violinist Rebekka HARTMANN, winner of the Echo-Klassik prize, and the cellist Leonid GOROKHOV, professor at the Hanover Academy of Music, two top-class and internationally active musical personalities.

Under the motto "Romantic Longing 2.0", the programme this time includes two weighty works of classical literature: Symphony No. 3 "Scottish" by Mendelssohn and the Double Concerto for Violin and Violoncello by Brahms. The more than 30 years of musical promotion and experience transfer work carried out by those responsible for the project and its partners thus finds an attractive and practical continuation with this programme.

We cordially welcome you to our performances and wish you a beautiful, inspiring and touching musical experience!

Martin Studer | Conductor
and overall project leader


Phil-A | Swiss Philharmonic Academy
Office: Muldenweg 7
CH-3075 Rüfenacht BE | Switzerland


Herkulessaal (Residenz)


So 21.5.2023, 11:00 Uhr
Konzerte / Konzert Bayerisches Staatsorchester München München, Max-Joseph-Platz 2
Konzerte / Konzert Lassus Chor München München, Wilhem-Hale-Str. 25
Ereignisse / Festival Nymphenburger Sommer München 7.6. bis 7.7.2024
Ereignisse / Festival Opernfestival Gut Immling, Halfing 22.6. bis 18.8.2024
Ereignisse / Festival Internationales Musikfest am Tegernsee 2. bis 11.7.2024
Konzerte / Jazz Jazzclub Unterfahrt München München, Einsteinstraße 42
Konzerte / Konzert Le Nuove Musiche München München, Gollierstr. 28
Konzerte / Konzert Münchener Kammerorchester München, Oskar-von-Miller Ring 1
Konzerte / Konzert JCOM Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich München, Lechstraße 11
Konzerte / Konzert Muffathalle
So 16.6.2024, 21:00 Uhr
Konzerte / Konzert Pianistenclub München München, Postfach 140469
Konzerte / Konzert Bayerische Philharmonie München, Bäckerstraße 46
Konzerte / Klassik Münchner MotettenChor e.V. München, Nußbaumstraße 1

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